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Dove City Motel with Arpi Adamyan and Vincent Cy Chen

The Honey Pump and Khabar Keslan are proud to present Dove City Motel at the Satellite Art Show. This dynamic exhibition features emerging queer artists Arpi Adamyan and Vincent Cy Chen. Dove City Motel invites you into a queer utopian world that explores concepts of biology, architecture, sexual fetishes, and it totes the line between allure and disgust. We invite you to walk through the vibrant pink and gold neon-lit atmosphere through tall, otherworldly trees and gaze at a realm that exists between nature and imagination.

Arpi Adamyan,The Port of Infinite Touch Points, 2019 (grouping from City of Dove Women, 2019)

Vincent Cy ChenSunset Love Motel, 2019


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October 3:
5pm – 12am


October 3:
5pm – 12am

October 4:
5pm – 12am

October 5:
12pm – 12am

October 6:
12pm – 6pm

Press Release

Dove City Motel

Works by Arpi Adamyan and Vincent Cy Chen
Curated by Fala Al Urfali of Khabar Keslan and Suzana Poghosyan of The Honey Pump

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY, NY—The Honey Pump and Khabar Keslan are proud to present a group exhibition, Dove City Motel, which explores the queer utopian worlds of Armenian Arpi Adamyan and Taiwanese-born Vincent Cy Chen.

In this exhibition at Satellite Art Show, tall otherworldly trees line a pathway through a vibrant pink and warm-gold atmosphere, with luminous arcs of neon luring you in to a collection of oddities—milky white viruses, biological growths. Upon entering, what began as innocent, curious, and approachable transforms into an otherworldly collection of biological oddities, sexual fetishes, and artifacts of power. Vincent’s work, Sunset Love Motel, then leads to a clearing, a screen displaying a sequence of waves and bodily forms, coexisting phylogenetically with Vincent’s stark vibrancy. Resting on the altar are hybridized figures suggesting architectural forms, biological organisms, and children’s toys. These figures form an archipelago that Arpi refers to as The City of Dove Women, a sanctuary replicating iterations of a womb.

The stark physical symbiosis of the two artist’s work reifies their mutual interrogation of context and the seemingly natural. Vincent was raised in Fengyuan, a provincial area that has since been absorbed by Taichung, Taiwan’s second most populous city. “Being raised in a conservative and myopic environment,” he says, “the tension between my budding sexuality and individuality with my surroundings incubated my ideas around humiliation, guilt, and authenticity.” Arpi, in contrast, describes herself as a builder of speculative queer-feminist utopian worlds. Her multimedia installations are hybridized pasts (Soviet, Armenian) and futures (bio-techno-utopian) that form complex fictions through historical citations and possible futures. Adamyan merges fairy tales and toys of the infant’s world with architectural and natural environments.

Where Arpi’s microscopic landscapes introduce a grey middle-ground between nature and imagination, Vincent’s verticality captures its commodification; Soviet-inspired nostalgia is dwarfed by the temptation of Western commercialization. As opposed to Arpi’s muted alien ocean, Vincent drapes sexually transmitted microorganisms in subdued aesthetics of marketable psychedelia and futurism. His work presents as playful and peculiar but is ultimately predatory, presenting the fusion of “allure and disgust.”

The two artist’s work will appear amongst a slew of other contemporary artists between October 3–6 at the Satellite Art Show, located in the Pfizer Building at 630 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NYC. Khabar Keslan will also be displaying previous content, including articles and prints.

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Arpi Adamyan was born in 1985, Yerevan, Armenia. Adamyan is a multimedia artist currently based in New York City. She received her BA and first MFA degrees from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. She was one of the board members of Utopiana Swiss Armenian cultural organization from 2006-2009. In 2007 she co-founded Queering Yerevan Collective with fellow artists, writers, curators and activists. Her works were shown at EV+A International Biennial of Contemporary Art “Give(a)way” (2006, Ireland), VI Gyumri International Biennial of Contemporary Art (2008, Armenia), FilmIdyll Festival (2009, Sweden), Decolonizing the City (2012, Germany), Take Place by VBKÖ (2013, Austria), “Suzanne Lacy’s International Dinner Party in Feminist Curatorial Thought” (2015, Switzerland), “Beneath Them Was Forever” (2019, USA), etc. She received her second MFA degree from Parsons School of Design at The New School in 2019.

Vincent CY Chen (b. 1993, Taiwan) is a New York based artist who works in multi-media sculpture and installation. He moved from Taiwan to New York City in 2011, received his BFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2015, and his MFA in Studio Art at New York University in 2019. His work has been shown in 80 WSE Gallery (New York, USA), 212 Arts (New York, USA), Commons Gallery (New York, USA), Field Projects (New York, USA), The Green Point Gallery (New York, USA), Galerie města Trutnova (Brno, Czech Republic), Galerie U Dobreho Pastyre (Brno, Czech Republic), MANA Contemporary (New Jersey, USA), and more. Chen is the co-founder and director of De:Formal Online Gallery, an artist-run platform that showcases and interviews emerging artists on a monthly bases, he has been curating online shows and conducting interviews at De:Formal since 2015.

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