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Artsakh Fest 2019 Needs Your Help!

Artsakh Fest is the first international contemporary art festival in Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh and they need your help to raise funds for the 2019 edition!

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Yerevan (ICA) and independent curator, Anna Kamay, will continue their efforts to implement projects designed by local and international artists to revive the once abandoned opera house, lovingly nicknamed “Beauty of Stepanakert.” This initiative aims at strengthening cultural development at the local level and to help Artsakh evolve into a thriving international cultural center and broaden the cultural scope of the region. This art festival will touch the lives of over 2000 locals who can participate in completing art projects, attend masterclasses, experience world class live performances and so much more!


The organizers are striving to reprise community dignity and create a permanent cultural center for all to enjoy. Artsakh Fest ‘19’s theme is about women in times of conflict, it’s been dubbed “Nakhshun Baji” (this translates to beautiful sister, locals know it as the title of a traditional folk song). Artsakh Fest ’19 aims to emphasize women’s strength by highlighting the role of women in neo-conservative society in times of armed conflict. The role of women has transformed, and those transformations are so vivid that you can track them in a generation’s lifespan. The theater, just like a woman who undertakes traditional “men’s” roles, is self-sustained, she stands boldly in the face of uncertainty to ensure refuge for artists, her children, and she continually provides space to create art, nourishment. She is courageous and singular.

The funds will be used for production materials, travel of artists from Yerevan and accommodation in Stepanakert. The sooner the organizers have the materials, the earlier they can start organizing the festival. You may find a more in-depth description of the project on their Go Fund Me page.

And here, you will find the documentary they produced about the 2018 edition of the Artsakh Fest.

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