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A Platter with Long Legs

Join us for an evening of art and community in honor of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

At the event, you’ll find free catalogs from the last summer’s international group exhibition, Roadmaps. Supplies are limited!

Monday, April 22nd

Soft Surplus

366 Devoe St.

7-10 PM

Photo sharing activity with Rehan Miskci at 7:30 PM

Publishing workshop with Katie Giritlian at 8:30 PM

Installations by Caroline Partamian and Mher Tarakjian

Oud performance by Raffi Wartanian

Reading room with publications by Armenian creatives members including Arpi Adamyan, Alina Gregorian, Emma Welty, and The Honey Pump

Video excerpt from the short film Motherland and assorted Sergei Parajanov clips.

Press Release

We invite participants to consider how the surface around which we collect on this evening to read and share can function more as a tray that moves and has the possibility to be held and hosted by many, as opposed to a unit, such as a table, that is more fixed to the ground and doesn’t yield to alteration or conveyance. How can the activities that unfold be thought of as exercises, scores, or memories that have the potential to occur, or live, in many homes as long as facilitated by a group?

Though a tray implies a smaller capacity than that suggested by a table, we name the platter to have “long legs” in order to imagine and call a space large enough for gathering. “Long legs” also nods to the following Armenian proverb that places a lie as that which is short and in turn, welcomes the importance of remembrance for an event that has unfortunately been contested.

Արևն ամպի տակ չի մնայ։

Transliteration: Arevn ampi tak chi mnah.
Translation: The sun won’t stay behind the cloud.
Meaning: The truth won’t stay hidden and will come out.
English equivalent: A lie has short legs.

A few notes for the evening:

1. For the workshop led by Rehan Miskci, we ask that you bring a family photograph that you feel comfortable discussing with the group.

2. For the workshop led by Katie Giritlian, we ask that you bring a story of when you couldn’t find your words.

3. Secondly, this evening will be generously hosted by Soft Surplus, a studio and collective space. We ask that you read the following Code of Conduct before entering.

4. This event will be a potluck. Please bring any food item or beverage of choice!

Armenian Creatives (a meeting of emerging Armenian artists in Brooklyn) meet to exchange developments in our artistic ideas and identities. A free-form get-together provides the setting to discuss projects that may or may not have to do with being Armenian, cultivating a breed of integral support and infectious creativity. Initiated to hold a space that we couldn’t find prior, through these gatherings we aim to empower and liberate inventiveness, imagination, and individuality—sharing our different knowns along with our imminent futures and hopes.

These monthly meetings may manifest over a meal cooked together, as well as through publication, printed or digital.

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