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Honey Pump Gallery x Artesson


Here at Honey Pump Gallery we are delighted to announce that in preparation for our first exhibition we are teaming up with Artesson, an international artistic collective based in Yerevan. Artesson hosts a series of year long group exhibitions focused on a select set of yearly themes. As a collective they strive to produce work that crosses borders and disciplines – working with traditional artists, new-media artists, composers, and musicians, they create an artistic experience which confronts the Zeitgeist. This conceptual approach allows their artists to explore the complexities surrounding contemporary life in innovative ways. We know that our partnership will spark dialogue between the diaspora and locals and bring about better understanding and inspire artworks.

For this exhibition, they too will select artwork based on our proposition, “Where is my roadmap taking me?” “Roadmaps” as an exhibition aims to create a space for Armenian artists, who often contemplate their identity and how they are affected by globalization, displacement, political and socio-economic circumstances. By choosing this theme, we hope to give artists from all walks of life a platform to express an inclusive conversation about the future of our shared identity.

While we encourage artist to create new work for this exhibition, we will accept work that was made within the last year. Through our partnership we will be able to exhibit a wider range of works in a variety of mediums. Locally based artists may submit works – including but not limited to: video, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, painting and drawing. Selected artists will be notified by email in April. They will be responsible for delivering their artworks to the site of the exhibition. Artists are also required to provide playback devices required for displaying their work (ie DVD players, MP3 players, computers, displays, ect.). If artists decide to mail their work, they must be shipped via trackable mail carrier in durable packaging. A catalogue of the works will be published prior to the July exhibition and will be sold at the exhibition and on our website. The proceeds will go towards facilitating the exhibition.





All submissions must be emailed to honeypumpgallery(at)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us though our website. 


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